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Monday, July 3, 2017

THE HEARTBREAKERS: A Continuing Saga of Political Persecution in America

Here, some excerpts from a report written in 2005 and published in January 2006, COINTELPRO REVISITED: Targeted by a Legion of Liars.

As I have often stated, by far the hardest, most heart-breaking circumstances in my life have been a result, not of the targeting by government-sponsored criminals, but rather the lack of concern and support of those from whom I believed I had such a reasonable expectation.

I no longer believe in such “reasonable expectations.” I now know, from bitter experience, as the same patterns repeat themselves, over years, that I have misplaced my faith and my hope, by investing even the smallest amount in other people.

I have not given up hope, far from it, for all my hope is in God. I have just given up on my attempt at explaining anything to those people who do not understand. I have reached the limits of my endurance for being blamed for circumstances over which I have little or no control; for listening to the platitudes (even delivered with “good intentions”) with which others try to explain away what they do not understand, or to minimize, negate or invalidate the actual issues.

Of course I know that God works through others, in the persons of those who do offer what support they are willing and able to provide, for which I am very grateful.

I remain a devout Christian. My faith in God has not diminished. Spiritual warfare is the one endeavor no one can take from me.

For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come, Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

8 Romans 38-39

For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

2 Timothy 1:7

My enemies are the minions of Satan, exploited by demonic forces, of that I have no doubt.

But there is nothing more real than the love of God for His children.

Ye that love the Lord, hate evil: he preserveth the souls of his saints; he delivereth them out of the hand of the wicked.

Psalm 97: 10

My abiding prayer is that those who are blinded by the pervasive propaganda and deception of the government and its owned-and-controlled media
will recognize this monstrous evil, of targeting individuals for political persecution, for what it is. And that out of their hatred of evil, for the love of God, will stand up against it, wherever and whenever they may find it.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
July 3, 2017



For the most part, people will consider the targeted individual a liability, someone to walk far away from, as quickly as possible. The character played by Gene Hackman in the film, Enemy of the State, summed it up this way: You're a liability to your friends, your family, to everyone you know. The protagonist in that film, an ex-NSA agent, knew what it was like to be a target and was warning another man who also became a target after he stumbled unwittingly into a nest of NSA vipers intent on covering up a political assassination.

Though, like most Hollywood productions, that particular film was sensationalistic in depicting the most extreme forms of persecution against the targets, the basic premise was solid. The "enemy of the state" (Target) always finds himself in a double-bind, from which there appears to be no way out.

Whatever the nature of the situation or the decision you need to make...damned if you do, damned if you don't. But this is only what the perps want the target to believe; to actually believe it and thus give up hope can be the death knell. In truth, there is usually some way out --and if so, only God knows for sure what that way is. Turning your life over to God --while refusing to ever compromise with evil-- is the only answer.

Unfortunately for the targeted individual, most associated persons' primary concern seems to be protecting themselves. And that's exactly the idea the perpetrators have in mind. Severing attachments and associations important to the Target, by design, so the target has nowhere to turn for help or solace, that is what they bank on.

It is easy to isolate a Target for one or all of the following reasons: Most people are easily intimidated by the government goons and once they get a small taste, even of low-level harassment, they are afraid of becoming real targets themselves. They cannot fathom how dire the Target's plight actually is. They are too self-centered to care about the Target's dilemma --not enough anyway, to make any real difference. Not enough to stand by the targeted individual, no matter what. This usually translates into showing a lack of loyalty to the Target or abandoning the Target altogether. Especially, as in my case, if the Target refuses to compromise her principles, sticks to her guns and stands her ground, no matter what, she usually ends up standing alone.


It is also important to understand that the people running these ops have done extensive background checks and created psychological profiles on each individual who is targeted for neutralization, as well as on those associated with, closest to, or most important to the Target. They keep databases, filled with dossiers on various individuals.

By analyzing the psyche of a Target and of his/her associates, they attempt to predict the behavior of individuals, making it easier to foment suspicion and distrust; to orchestrate situations likely to break up families, marriages and other important personal and professional relationships. By evaluating what they perceive to be the "weaknesses" in each target's character/personality, they exploit them in any way possible. In the worst case scenario, if at all possible, they will arrange to pit the Target against those closest to him/her, thus making enemies of friends, spouses or family members.

They will even make 'pre-emptive strikes' in order to keep certain individuals also deemed a "threat to National Security" (other Targets) from ever meeting and/or having any involvement with the targeted individual, or to severely limit that involvement, as well as contact, if they have reason to believe that the two of them together could present a strong united front and be a more formidable "threat" to the perpetrators' agenda than just one of them alone.

Keeping such Targets separated --as far away from each other as possible, including geographically-- is key to their strategy of total control. But this strategy can only work if one or both of the Targets fall prey to the machinations of the perpetrators. Sadly, at least one usually does and the plot achieves its desired end.

The plots and setups spawned by the perps are at times so cleverly executed that I have seen --over and over-- one person after another who has deserted, betrayed or scapegoated me, in some cases totally unaware that they had been manipulated into doing so by third parties with their own agenda. I've also seen the same pattern operating in the cases of other targeted individuals that I have investigated or simply been a witness to.

Facing the horror of a neutralization campaign defies description, even for those fortunate enough to have real and reliable support from family, friends or a spouse (and there are some who do.) But having to face it completely alone has been nearly unbearable.

If not for the grace of God and having the faith that God is watching my back (along with those angels) even if no one else would, I could not have survived the many psychological and physical brutalities perpetrated on me by these henchmen of Satan, otherwise known as agents and operatives of the U.S. Government. Despite all the pain and heartbreak, how blessed I have been to have Friends in High Places!


The isolation and alienation are very effective tactics. They work. I know this as well as anyone possibly could. These government-sponsored criminals have put me through a living hell. But for me, by far the hardest part to bear has been the heartbreak of always having to be up against this brutal persecution totally alone, day after day...week after week...month after month...year after year...of never having even one person in all these years whom I could RELY on to be there to back me up, to provide concrete help or support. No family member, no close friend, no spouse. Nobody, not a soul.

I have stressed the word "rely" for an important reason. Although it's true that I have been able to get occasional assistance, support and backup over the years, here and there, from time to time, from various individuals, it has always fallen into one or more of the following categories: temporary; inconsistent; short-lived; conditional; qualified by various circumstantial factors.

In truth, there is no substitute for having even one 'true blue' person you know you can rely on, through thick and thin. Someone who shows absolute loyalty. This is precisely the type of support the perps have always done their damnedest to make sure I could never get. Not so far anyway, and this dreadful situation has been going on for a long, long time. I am very sorry to have to admit that their plot to keep me isolated --and to foment alienation in my relationships, especially with those who may have otherwise stepped forward to help me or stood by me rather than desert me-- has met with resounding success.

I have learned --the hard way-- that ultimately, no matter what pressure is brought to bear on them, at the deepest level, in their heart of hearts, people make their own choices about such matters and will have to live with the consequences. Someday they may recognize the truth, hopefully before it's too late. Then again, maybe not. But I have no control over that. God gives us all free will, which I respect in others, just as I would hope they respect mine. You can't force people to care, can't force them to do the right thing. And we are each accountable for the intent in our hearts, the way we treat others and the choices we make.

Absolute loyalty and devotion are only possible through the love of one person for another. All real love is unconditional, it is spiritual and comes from God, which is why it is said that Love conquers all. Or that God is Love. To me, the ultimate expression of such unconditional love is shown by Jesus Christ, the Word of God made flesh. Although few of us can ever hope to approach the standard set by Christ, I believe His teaching to "love one another" is something to always aspire to. Only those who know God are capable of practicing such unconditional love.

Unconditional love does not mean unlimited tolerance for disrespectful, abusive or otherwise unacceptable behavior; it does not mean being a doormat. It does not mean just standing by and allowing people to do evil as they will, if they have malice in their hearts; if they are bearing false witness; if they are violating the spiritual integrity of others in any way.

Neither is unconditional love quid pro quo. Rather, it means abiding by uncompromising ethical standards, moral absolutes, in your treatment of others, caring about the spiritual and material welfare of others without setting conditions, or trying to manipulate them for your personal gratification or agenda.

Unconditional love cannot be contrived; it cannot be negotiated; it can only be felt in the heart. Such love leads one into abiding by God's commandments --respecting the loved ones' right to free will and freedom; respecting their personal boundaries, the inviolability of personhood-- and doing unto others as you would have them do unto you.

You may be wondering: What does any of this stuff about "love" have to do with neutralizing a target?

It is vital to understand that this is at the heart of what the perpetrators attempt to destroy: all genuine love between people, all connection to God.

Destroying love, destroying the loyalty of one person for another which comes from love, creates a fertile breeding ground for the evil that manifests in their manipulation, exploitation and control. Where there is real love, there is no manipulation, there is no attempt at control, exploitation or domination, there are no power struggles, there is never slavery.

Here is the open secret which sadly, it seems few have been made privy to: Where there is true, spiritual love, evil cannot flourish.

I must say, Machiavelli had nothing on this cabal of diabolical manipulators. Their methodology seems almost fool-proof. Their goal is to isolate a target to such an extent that s/he is deprived of all companionship, friendship, any and all relationships which could provide aid, comfort --and especially-- love.

It is a known fact that an infant (not just human, but of many other species) deprived of love may die, even if other basic necessities such as food and shelter are provided. But so may an adult, eventually, if one finally succumbs to the despair of living in a world devoid of any real and sustaining love.

I have known people so targeted who have perished in just such a way --they died not of some physical assault, not of some fatal disease, but of a broken heart. If you are one of their targets, their goal is to break your heart into a million pieces. For this reason, I have often called these government-sponsored perps "the heartbreakers".

Sunday, June 11, 2017


Please read PART ONE before continuing.

PART TWO will focus on the plight of the whistleblower targeted for counterintelligence operations, specifically as related to the society in which he lives.

As in PART ONE, the information presented here is based on my own personal/professional experience and investigations and may or may not coincide with the experiences of others who have gone public as expositors of government criminality and corruption.

I do believe, however, that much of what I describe here will be recognized as a pattern of behaviors among those with whom the Target is associated, be they family, friends, colleagues, acquaintance.

By far the hardest, most distressing, most frustrating, most heartbreaking of situations, for me personally, has been, not the operations run against me by the perpetrators (which I am trained to deal with, horrible as they are, and of which I have written extensively), but rather the way I have been treated by other persons with whom I have interacted on a regular basis.

Among some of the former intelligence professionals, friends and colleagues I have known, we had a basic description of those whose lives had been, in large measure, free from direct interactions with government entities, especially in the military/ intelligence community. We called them “regular people”. This was not meant to disparage them in any way, it was simply a way to differentiate from those of us (in the minority) whose lives had been seriously and negatively affected by many years of government aggression against us: the intrusions, surveillance, harassment, violations (of every kind imaginable) in what amounts to full-blown political persecution.

For the “regular person”, these outrages against an individual, committed by the government, seem far-fetched, implausible, the stuff of science fiction thrillers, spy novels, or worst of all, of paranoid fantasies.

If it hasn't happened to them personally, they may be skeptical, at best; in the worst case scenario, they may dismiss the Target as “paranoid” or “delusional”. In any case, most will not understand, and few will make the effort even to try. Even when they witness some of the strange events which seem to happen only when the Target is in their proximity, they tend to view such an event as “coincidence”, or attribute it to some mundane cause. “Oh, don't worry, it was probably nothing.” But the Target knows otherwise. It was certainly “something”, no doubt about it, and not something good. We have learned, the hard way, not to believe in coincidence.

So, where does that leave the targeted whistleblower? It leaves him isolated, and to a large degree, alienated from those from whom he would otherwise have a reasonable expectation of support, and concern for his general well-being.


Assuming you are a “regular person” (no offense intended), consider this: you may know someone, perhaps a relative, a friend, who was involved, at some time in the past, with an intelligence agency, or a military veteran. Have you noticed anything different about them? Have you ever wondered why it is that they seem somewhat self-contained? That they don't talk much about themselves, or their background? That if you ask questions about their military/intelligence career, you get vague answers, or that they seem discomfited about any discussion of these issues?

It is more the general rule, than the exception. There are a number of factors which may be responsible for these character traits, one of which is the code of silence. The Mafia (similar in its mindset to CIA), calls it “omerta”. Consider the name, Cosa Nostra, which means “our thing”. It is a brotherhood, a “family”, held together with ties that bind, usually intergenerational. In like manner, I have often thought of CIA as “superglue”. It seems nearly impossible to get yourself unstuck. Even if you manage to remove yourself, serious injuries/damages (one way or another) are a given.

Anyone ever involved (especially in covert operations) is indoctrinated with the Code of Silence. Imagine how difficult it is, then, to break the silence, to tell the full truth of what you have witnessed and experienced.

You may have been threatened (implicitly or explicitly) about what will happen if you talk to anyone, what the consequences will be to you, or those close to you. One example, this from CIA MK Ultra, is that some of us were programmed, that if we were ever to remember things which were “wiped” from memory (this, done by 'electronic dissolution of memory', hypnotic controls, drugs) we would commit suicide. Suicide programming is one of the most heinous offenses imaginable against a person, and yet this was just one of the standard methods used to maintain “security” and stop the black operations from being exposed.

Psychological (and psychiatric) abuses, routinely perpetrated against persons, are no less devastating than physical abuses. But of course, there was no lack of either in MK Ultra.

Add to this the fact that a tremendous amount of disinformation has been disseminated about the true nature of MK Ultra. Government operatives and their shills have flooded the Internet with false information, such as “Monarch”, which was not a CIA operation under MK Ultra. Lurid tales of satanism and sex slaves are promoted by the operatives, attested to by bogus “victims”, then parroted by large groups of ignorant people.

Books are written by criminals and charlatans, purporting to “expose” the secret government operations, all the while, adding layer upon layer of falsehoods. Some of these unscrupulous individuals are in actuality MC handlers, who continue to perpetrate atrocities on the very persons they claim they are helping, as “deprogrammers”, or “Christian ministers”.

And these predators are raking in the cash, making their bones on the bones of authentic MK Ultra victims, some of whom later become Targets, as legitimate whistleblowers.

This assault on truth results in a dearth of accurate, factual information available to the general public, including those who may have a serious interest in these issues, perhaps because they know someone who was involved, and they want to understand, but may give up in frustration, unable to sort out all the conflicting information. All this, by design. It is in the government's interest (but certainly not in yours) to keep you in the dark, so the operations can continue unabated.

The truth about MK Ultra is that it was a CIA operation, designed to create the “perfect spy”, during the Cold War era, using a combination of abusive methods, including hypnotic controls, drugs and psychotronic technology, to program the victims to do the bidding of the government, with no concern whatsoever as to the horrific damages, no respect for the victims' rights. Much of the programming was “trauma based”, meaning -make no mistake- torture. And there is absolutely NO EXCUSE for such atrocities and crimes against persons.

The majority of Targets, as addressed here, were not involved in MK Ultra, but this operation certainly exemplifies the diabolical mindset of the government, when it comes to how innocent people are treated, exploited for an ungodly agenda.

One last statement of fact: By far the great majority of “regular people” whom I have ever encountered, when asked if they have ever heard of CIA MK Ultra, have answered: No, what's that?

This should give some idea of what a survivor of such an illegal, unconstitutional, hideous government program faces, simply due to mass ignorance.


Note that I call PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) by its original name, PTSS (post traumatic stress syndrome). The word “disorder” has a very negative connotation, and misrepresents the actual nature of the affliction. PTSS is not a “mental illness”, which is what government-issue psychiatrists (and psychologists) want everyone to believe.

I find it necessary to address the issue of PTSS, since it factors in large measure in the cases of persecuted Targets. In the old days, combat veterans would call it “shell shock”, or “combat fatigue”. With good reason.

PTSS is an externally generated (exogenous) condition, meaning it is a response (or reaction) to outside forces. Most commonly, it is a violent, life-threatening event, or series of events. Some examples: violent combat; rape; ongoing sexual abuse; physical assaults; psychological abuse; imprisonment/captivity; an ever-present threat of assault (physical or psychological) by a person (or persons) in the immediate environment; torture (physical or psychological).

PTSS is not merely a “mental” condition; it manifests physically in a variety of symptoms. Among the combat vets I have known (including those who are former intelligence professionals), I have observed a range of chronic physical conditions, such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, allergies, severe neck/back pain. These chronic illnesses most often come from physical injuries (service-related and/or a result of post-service assaults), and are exacerbated by PTSS, especially if untreated, and worsen over time. A range of symptoms result from assaults with directed energy weaponry (microwave, ELF, pulse beam, lasers), electro-magnetic anti-personnel systems.

(DISCLAIMER: These are my observations, from my own personal experience and interviews with individuals. I am not a medical doctor and this is not “medical advice”. My training, as related to the issues here, is in psychoanalysis/counseling.)

And in the cases of PTSS among military/intelligence veterans who have been targeted for persecution, the traumatic stress is not just “post traumatic”, but ongoing.

The plot against the Target is in fact to generate and maintain longterm extremes of stress (constant or intermittent), so he never has a chance to recover from past traumas. I could call it the 'death by a thousand cuts'; it doesn't happen all at once, it is a slow kill, and therefore all the more physically and emotionally painful and devastating.

The responses by the Target to the constant threats hanging over him may vary, depending on his fundamental nature. I must say that I don't believe in “human nature”, as a generic condition, as so many of those who call themselves “scientists”, “philosophers”, “mental health professionals” (what a misnomer!), do. Different individuals will respond in various ways, which can be unpredictable. There is no cookbook formula, but it is possible to understand the most likely outcomes for the individual suffering from PTSS. Note that I use the word, “may”, rather than the more definitive “will”.

-He may be hyper-vigilant, in his efforts at self-protection, security, safety, including for those under his protection.

-He may startle easily, at sudden noises, or at the unexpected appearance of another person.

-He may have a low tolerance threshold for loud noise (including the jarring rock/heavy metal which passes these days for “music”); for bright lights, especially florescent, which generates a disturbing frequency, to which certain individuals are hyper-sensitive.

-He may avoid large crowds of people, such as in a stadium, or outdoors, from which he cannot easily exit.

-He may avoid situations which involve group dynamics, feeling more comfortable with individual relationships.

-He may take great pains to avoid confrontations, and conflicts with others who are aggressive; when possible, he will walk away, rather than engage others in altercations.

-He may feel the need for a greater degree of solitude than the “regular” person, may become reclusive, especially when the levels of stress become overwhelming.

All things considered, there is nothing pathological about the Target's behavior, as described above. He is not harming others; he is not committing acts of aggression. He is simply attempting to survive, to protect and defend himself against the aggression, which has become the harsh reality of his life. In my view, this is a psychologically healthy response to a hostile environment, which hangs over his head like a dark cloud, following him wherever he goes, especially when other people have little or no understanding of his plight.


In PART ONE of this report I addressed the issue of the person of conscience, and his reasons for standing up against government corruption and criminality, which he has witnessed and experienced firsthand. That he is a non-compromiser, surrounded by compromisers.

How then, is he to deal with the “regular people” he meets, with whom he interacts, some of whom are his family and friends? Usually, with great difficulty.

(I would be remiss if I did not make it clear that not all “regular people” are compromisers, or that they don't have a conscience, that simply is not true. The point is, most have allowed themselves to be ruled by commonly accepted social standards, general consensus, group think, conformity, rather than detaching themselves from what they have been indoctrinated to believe (in the schools, the workplace, by religious dogma, etc. etc.) and developing critical thinking, spiritual and intellectual discernment, actually owning their minds, thus breaking free from the herd mentality, and determining their own standards, based on timeless, universal moral absolutes.)

Firstly, the society itself must be considered. It is now deemed “normal” to be in constant contact with large numbers of people, be they family and friends, acquaintance, co-workers or total strangers, through the plethora of electronic technology/devices which are omnipresent, ubiquitous, in your face, wherever you go.

Computers, tablets, i-pads, smart phones, wi-fi, microwave towers.... Social media, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Facetime, ad infinitum...

(This technology generates a miasma of electronic pollution/ radiation, from which, in any densely populated area, it is not possible to escape. This alone is a serious problem, for all forms of life.)

For the great majority of people (especially of younger generations) this is considered not only “normal”, but expected, even required. If you don't participate, you will be swarmed by those pressuring you to join the free-for-all, and greeted with suspicion or disapproval for declining, even deemed “antisocial”.

Personal privacy has become, for the most part, non-existent, and most people seem to have no problem with that. The entire world has access to the details of their daily lives, photos (or video) of their every trip to the grocery store, the picnic at the park, waiting in the airport lounge for a flight, even the romantic candlelight dinner with their spouse. 

(Where is the “romance”, with an audience of gawkers? I cannot fathom how/why anyone would voluntarily put their privates lives on display in such a manner.)

The Almighty Cell Phone has become their “god”, as they stare, in hypnotic awe, at THE SCREEN, their altar of worship.

In the surveillance society, engineered via social conditioning and propaganda, for just such a purpose, to expunge privacy and the integrity of the individual, the people have become willing accomplices, not just in surrendering their own privacy, but in invading the privacy of others. And most don't give a second thought to how wrongful that is, how utterly disrespectful, or the actual cause behind it. Because, after all, they say, “Everybody does it”. That has become their mantra, their all-encompassing excuse, and their defense.

And what about the person who exercises his right to opt out? What about those of us who defend our right to privacy, our personal boundaries, against all busybodies, snoops and snitches, foreign and domestic?

Speaking strictly for myself, as someone who has been the Target of government surveillance for an entire lifetime, as someone whose life has been marred by monstrous intrusions, invasions of privacy, not just by the government, but by their armies of minions and stooges, and even by garden-variety busybodies, I will fiercely defend my UNALIENABLE RIGHT TO PRIVACY until God sends the chariot to take me home.

My street address is always PRIVATE and UNPUBLISHED. My telephone numbers, PRIVATE and UNPUBLISHED. My e-mail address, PRIVATE and UNPUBLISHED.

I have a prepaid cell phone (not in my name, no contract) which is used only rarely, to receive calls by authorized persons only. The device is turned off most of the time, but I carry it with me, in case of emergency.

I have never sent a text message on a cell phone, and if I receive them, I ignore them and delete them without reading them. That is my policy. Anyone who has my cell number knows better (or should) than to send a text message.

I will clearly tell them, I DO NOT USE text messages, so please respect that and do not send them. If you want to reach me, call me and leave a voicemail. What is the response I have heard, over and over? BUT, it's easy to do, and more convenient. I can show you how, or you can ask So-and-So to show you. They drag in irrelevant issues and third parties, based on unwarranted assumptions.

It is as if they have not even heard a word I've said, or maybe they were just not listening. What is it, about the phrase, DO NOT USE, they fail to understand?

I am not required to explain my reasons to anyone, and yet they seem to falsely assume that if they continue to pester me, I will finally give in to the pressure. After all, Everybody does it.

Then, in their continuing barrage, I will be told, BUT, you have to adapt, you have to be flexible, this is the way things are done, you can't keep living in the past, etc. etc...

So, because I have decided that I will not take part in their frenzy of instant, non-stop communications, where a person is always available 24/7, no matter the circumstances, under pressure to respond, where there are no boundaries, no discretion, then, according to this mindset, I am “living in the past”.

Sounds good to me, at least in the past there was a modicum of peace and quiet, where you could hear yourself think... but no, I am living in the present, and have decided that I will not accept the standards of this society, where anything goes, simply because “Everybody does it”, “That's the way it is”, “You can't just refuse”.

I do refuse. I refuse to be enslaved by a telephone, or e-mail (which I rarely use), or by what other people think I “should be” doing, or when and how I “should be” doing it, nor will I allow their pushy behavior or their disapproval to determine my way of life.

If they then decide they want no communications with me, so be it. I can live with that; what I refuse to live with is absolute disrespect for my privacy and personal boundaries.


I can best describe a particular dilemma the Target finds himself facing by using examples from my own experience. That being the unwillingness of the regular person to acknowledge the factual statements the Target makes, regarding what is happening in his life, no matter how many times he repeats the same statements, no matter how consistent he is in his declarations.

The facts of his life, and his circumstances, are a direct result of having been targeted, driven to dire poverty/financial destitution, having his health ruined by assaults, exacerbated by lack of medical care. Much of this may be beyond his control, unless he is independently wealthy, has the resources necessary to place himself in a stable environment, and/or has a support network of friends, and/or family who make his well-being a priority. Otherwise, he is facing a terrible situation alone, with little or no reliable support of any kind.

And then, when he tries to explain all this to others, he is treated, not with respect and compassion, but rather as a recalcitrant child, a ne'er do well, a supplicant in need of advice or intervention, which he has not asked for, nor needs. He knows what is happening to him, and why, better than anyone else possibly could, with the possible exception of the perpetrators -who are psychopaths, as demonstrated by their hideous crimes against persons.

T (TARGET): I am suffering sleep deprivation, due to assaults with electronic weaponry (or other cause). Sleep deprivation causes illness for me, so I must prioritize getting enough sleep, in order to take care of my health, as best I can. So, I will be unable to...(attend this this chore...assist in this project...fill in the blank...)

RP (Regular Person): Oh, don't worry about that, it happens to everybody now and then. Forget sleep deprivation! We really need you to (fill in the blank...), or, You need to (fill in the blank...). You can't just lie in bed all day, you know. Just set the alarm, and you'll be fine.

T: I am unable to drive in urban areas, on 4-lane highways, or in areas where I don't know the roads, due to disability.

RP: Well, it's really easy. All you need to do is get a, I'll draw one for you. You just make a left turn here, continue for 5 miles, and you will reach the destination. Besides, you really need to learn your way around this area!

T: I'm having some serious problems to which I need to attend, so I'm letting you know in advance, so that you can make other arrangements for (fill in the blank...) that don't involve me.

RP: Well, I never! You need to put a smile on your face, and stop playing the victim! We all have problems, you know.

T: I'm in pain all the time, and to make things worse, I am unable to afford the medical care I need.

RP: Well, there are drugs for that, you know. And have you explored all your options? You need to stop being so passive and be proactive!

(This, from people who have the resources/health insurance to get what they need, when they need it.)

T: I was unable to pay the electric bill this month, and have received a final disconnect notice, so unless I can scrape up the money somehow, my power will shut off a week from now.

RP: Well, you should have budgeted your money, so this wouldn't happen. Here, let me draw up a budget plan for you, and you'll be all set. How much do you pay for rent? Other bills? You may have to make sacrifices, as we all do...

(This, from someone who owns their home, takes regular vacations, travels frequently for business/pleasure and who has never been left in the dark when the power was shut off.)

T: My car won't pass inspection, and I can't afford to make the repairs I need. So I won't be driving for the forseeable future.

RP: You really should have thought of this and taken care of the problem before it came to this. What are you spending your money on, anyway?

T: I cannot tolerate the heat, it exacerbates my chronic illness. I can't afford air-conditioning, nor to repair the air-conditioning in my car, so I won't be going anywhere until such time as I can find a way to get relief.

RP: It affects us all that way, everybody has the same problem. Just get out there and do what you have to do. (This, from people who do have the resources to get relief, who do have air-conditioning in their homes and cars.)

And now, a brief anecdote, which shows the attitude of just one of the many regular persons of whom I speak. This one is truly chilling, at least it was for me, in demonstrating the level of profound ignorance, the lack of discernment, so prevalent, especially among Americans who have been lulled into a sense of complacency, willfully refusing to acknowledge evil for what it is.

Nearly a quarter century ago, I had gone out to dinner with some friends, after we had attended a talk by Terry Anderson, author of Den of Lions: Memoirs of Seven Years (published 1993).

He was held captive in a dark, filthy dungeon, one of the hostages taken by Islamic terrorists.

"What is it like to to exist for seven years in darkness and chains, not knowing from one day to the next how much longer you will be a prisoner? Or if you will be released from captivity the next day -or killed?"

-from book jacket of Den of Lions

There were four of us at the table, one of whom was a woman best described as a new age, secular humanist. We were discussing the lecture by Terry Anderson. When I attempted to explain my viewpoint, based on professional experience, I was rudely interrupted; and I could not believe what I was hearing from this woman, regarding the hell Terry Anderson somehow survived, through his courage and the triumph of his spirit over the evil to which he was subjected.

As just one of numerous atrocities, he was shackled to another captive, and could not make a move on his own. She actually said, Well, just think how being chained to another person, what an opportunity that would be to learn to get along with others! How you could “evolve” spiritually from such an experience!

Rather than acknowledge the absolute evil of those who would, through their slavish adherence to a totalitarian political system, which requires jihad, death to the “infidel”, sharia law, the de facto slavery of women, sexual abuse of children, the persecution and death of homosexuals, the inherent savagery, the brutality of their crimes against innocent people (and I have only scratched the surface), this woman, apparently living in a fantasy world of new age “tolerance”, smugly delivered these idiotic platitudes.

In doing so, Mr. Anderson's ordeal was minimized, the horror of the situation nullified and invalidated.

Don't acknowledge the evil. Don't take a stand against it. Don't make it a priority, once you know of these horrors, to try to do anything to expose them, to fight, in whatever ways you are capable, to stop them.

I'm certain that this woman, an amateur actress, whose most pressing problem was likely how often she could arrange her schedule between lunches with her friends, for an appointment at the hair salon, could not begin to imagine a reality in which torture, violence and tyranny are the general rule. She had a comfortable home, was married to a man who supported her financially. I'm also certain that any “tolerance” for this brutal culture would evaporate in the blink of an eye, were she ever to find herself with such an “opportunity”.

Talk is cheap, especially when you don't speak from experience, when your mind has been co-opted by demonic plotters whose agenda is to steal, kill and destroy.

I was interested in the lecture because I had been involved in certain operations, after the Shah of Iran was deposed; more than that I am not at liberty to say, except that I had access to information not available to most others.

Hearing such a survivor's story is always very painful for me, but I won't turn away from it, no matter how much it hurts.

I still have my autographed copy of Terry Anderson's book.

"To Barbara,

God bless,

Terry Anderson"

I've never had anything happen to me, no matter how bad it was, which could even begin to compare to the brutality suffered by Terry Anderson, or by certain others, some of whom I have known, some of whom I have debriefed (from Soviet gulags, or Nazi concentration camps), some of whom are my family and friends, and some whose books or interviews I've read or heard.

But even so, the atrocities I have personally experienced and witnessed have made me all the more determined to stand up against these evildoers wherever I may find them, to pursue justice for myself and the other Targets and victims, to lend what support I can.

I have no way to estimate how many victims there are, in this country alone, who have been targeted by the government for neutralization. Whose lives are being destroyed, piece by piece, while others turn away, unwilling to even acknowledge their plight.

So, next time you encounter someone who has a true story to tell, a story of monstrous evil perpetrated against him, who presents the facts, using logical arguments, and who furnishes evidence, why not remove your eyes from THE SCREEN, and listen to what he has to say.

Why not consider the merits of his story, suspending judgment, and take the time to research his evidence for yourself, rather than dismissing him as “paranoid” or “delusional”.

Ask yourself, what do you have to lose?

The answer is simple: EVERYTHING.

Your liberty, the sovereignty of your country, your God-given, unalienable rights, as an individual, protected and guaranteed under the Constitution, are they worth fighting for?

What about the future of your precious children, your grandchildren?

Do you want them living under any form of totalitarianism, the globalist New World Order? The United Nations? Communism, socialism, fascism? Sharia law?

All of whom are plotting (separately and in diabolical collusion) to destroy this nation, and enslave every man, woman and child.

For all persons with a conscience, who stand on principle, who hold to moral absolutes, rather than blindly following social conventions, who respect and defend the unalienable rights of all others, the answer is:


Barbara Hartwell Percival
June 11, 2017

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